When the starts aligns- Islamic 12 century bathhouse discovered by chance in Seville.

Today, I shall take you on a new trip we shall go, to Spain in Seville. You might ask me what we would do there? Well, we shall enjoy a good drink in a bar. It is an old bar named Cervercería Giralda, it seems to have been open since 1923, but what makes it interesting is that recently the owners after, deciding to take advantage of the pandemic time and started to renovate the place they found out that the place is way older. It seems that long ago like somewhere in the 12 century there was a bathhouse that preserved quite well.

There were rumors and also some old documents that indicated that on bar place might have been such a place, but most of the people thought they were just stories and that the look of ceiling and walls were more recent and that they belonged to neomudéjar style or a revival of the Islamic style. Fortunately, when the renovation, was done there was also an archaeologist involved. So the chance was on their side, so they discovered that the place was much older. What they uncovered was from the 12 century from the time of the Almohad caliphate. The decorations are well preserved, better than any know bathhouses from the Iberian Peninsula.

So we can have a drink and admire the place and enjoy the story.

Here you can find more about it: Islamic 12th-century bathhouse uncovered in Seville tapas bar | Spain | The Guardian

Bar Cervecería Giralda | Un Bar de Tapas histórico (cerveceriagiralda.com)

El neomudéjar, un estilo español | Turismo Madrid (esmadrid.com)

Almohad Caliphate – Wikipedia

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