Dragobete or the love day in Romanian style

Today I will tell you a bit about our traditions related to love. Dragobete is something like Saint Valentine but more Romanian.It is celebrated on 24 February.

We have many rituals that are practiced in this day.But first let me tell you a bit about the history of this day.  It is a really an old holiday that dates from Dacian times. Dragobete it is as the legend says a beautiful guy,with black hair and green eyes who spreads the love a bit like Cupidon and also teach people to love. It is said that when his time came to die, Mother of God  transform him into a plant called in Romanian Năvalnic or translated into English the dashing.

There is another legend about the Dragobete  he is again pictured as a beautiful young men who tried this to seduce the Mother of God. The Mother of God transformed him in a plant.

This plant called Năvalnic it is usually put by young women in a little bag made of silk and placed near their breasts so they could charm the young  men.

On the Dragobete all the birds are looking for their mate so they can make their next and have little new birds. In this day is not good to sacrifice any animals so you won’t ruin their mating. All the animals should be well fed.

In this day all the young men and women that live at the countryside ( because there the tradition are still kept) are going into the forest and look for spring flowers ( if is not raining , if it is they all gather at someone home and they are celebrating). Young men are chasing the girl that they like and if they can catch the girl they can kiss her. The young women after they get the flowers they dry them and put them to the imagine of Saints and they keep them there till Sânziene ( another Romanian holiday)

On Dragobete is the prolific day to cast a spell or more than to someone. Today the love spells are made. In parts of the country old women go in the forest looking for specific plants. After they find the plant they put at the root of the plant some sugar,flour and honey while they say the girl name.

The legend says that the people who don’t celebrate Dragobete will be all the year sick and also they will have a bad year. Also the young couple that don’t kiss each other on this day they will break up on this year.

If you hear  a hoopoe on this day you will be all year hard-working. If in this day it will rain, the spring will soon come and it be a beautiful spring.

In this day is not good to sew or if you are living at the countryside to work the land. It is good to clean your house, so you will have a good year.

If there is still snow on the day before Dragobete, you can take it and use it for all kind of spells all the year. it is called the snow of the fairies.

In this day is not good to argue with someone, other way you will have a bad year. Also in this day you shouldn’t cry because other way all the  year  will be bad for you.

In this day  people go and get plants that will be dried and used for spells or just as natural remedies.

I hope you enjoyed!

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