Today, I shall take you on a new trip. We will go to meet someone. Who will we meet with is Annabelle. She is a doll, but not a common one it seems. Annabelle seems to be a possessed doll, or so the story goes. But before we shall meet her, let me tell you more about her. Sometime in 1970, she was given as a gift to a young student woman by her mother. At first, Annabelle seemed like a regular doll. But after a short time, she often changed the way she was standing. Also, the woman who received the doll started to notice writings on the walls. First, they thought that someone was getting inside the house and writing the messages on the walls as a joke. They even started to put signs to see what was moved around the house. In the end, they noticed that the doll moved to other rooms than it was initially. Annabelle started to make herself noticed. So the woman and her roommate, from that time decided to do something about the doll, as the doll was starting to creep them out. So they decided to bring a medium to learn more about the doll. The medium that came told them that the doll was possessed by a young girl’s spirit. The spirit didn’t have who to play and when she found the doll she tried to get in and possess her. This spirit even asked permission to use the doll, to live inside her. The two women agreed, considering it was the spirit of a young girl. But, things didn’t go as they thought they will. This spirit that inhabited the doll was called Annabelle. Annabelle didn’t prove to be a good girl. She started to react badly, she was doing all kinds of evil things to her roommates. It seems one of the women had a boyfriend who didn’t like Annabelle. So she started to scare this guy, even attacking him to make him go away. The women decided in the end to bring someone that could help them with the doll. They contacted their local priest, he told them that they were all in danger, that soon things shall escalate to a worse situation. Later, the priest asked for the help of some paranormal researchers, who said to the women that they didn’t allow a young girl to inhabit the doll as they first thought. What was possessing Annabelle was a demon who will soon put all of them in danger. Even more, as they gave their permission for him to inhabit the doll. They asked the priest to come and bless and exorcise the apartment. The priest said some nasty things to the doll, and it seems later he got into a car accident.

The paranormal researchers on their name Ed and Lorrain Warren( brought Annabelle with them in the car. Their trouble just started with that. They were close to having an accident. So, in the end, they decided to put Annabelle on a glass box and exhibit her in a museum that they made.

Annabelle was the inspiration for a few movies and books. 

We can’t know if she did all of those things she was accused of. Annabelle might just be a regular doll about whom people invented things. Some say that even at the moment, she does harm to some. Let’s hope that everything is just a story. Or if not that she will behave nicely with us.

Here are some links that I found over the internet that might help you to find more if you want her to haunt you more.

Here are some links that I found over the internet that might help you to find more if you want her to haunt you more

Annabelle (doll) – Wikipedia

(152) Annabelle the Doll: The Origins | Documentary – YouTube

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