Marțișor is  celebrated on 1 March every year, it is a south-east European  holiday. On this day usually women wear a string blended with white and red. The string is usually worn as a bracelet or at chest with a brooch.Women wear it till the spring comes when the birds are starting to sing and the tree are in bloom. Than women will tie the string on a tree or on a rose so  they can have luck all year. Also while doing that you can make wish, the wish will become true.

The string represents the contrast between winter and spring,  cold and warm, dark and light.

One legend say’s that the string was made by Baba Dochia when she was walking her sheep.Legend says that Baba Dochia had a stepdaughter. She hated her stepdaughter, so she  sent her to the river to wash a coat until it will become white as the snow. The young girl went to river trying to wash the coat but while she was washing it, instead of   becoming white the coat was turning black. The girl started to cry as she couldn’t return home until the coat was white.Than in front of the girl appeared Martișor a young man that asked her why is she crying. She told him the story and Martișor gave her a little flower with white and red and told her to try one more time to wash the coat. After she did that the coat became white as snow. The girl returned home with the white coat and also with the little flower in her hair.Baba Dochia saw the flower in the girl hair  so she thought that the spring came so she took all her sheep and went on the mountain with them. On the way up to the mountain the weather was nice and warm so Baba Dochia was pulling her 9 sheepskins one by one out.When she finally arrived on top of the mountain the rain started but she didn’t had any sheepskins left .Martișor appeared to Baba Dochia and told her see you sent your daughter in winter at  the river to wash. Now  you can also see how it is, than he vanish.

The frost came and Baba Dochia and her sheep froze and became stones. The with and red string is the symbol of the fight between good and evil and between spring and winter.

Another legend says that one time the Sun came on the earth disguised as a young girl, but it was kidnapped by a kite  who closed her in his palace. Everyone became after that sad because the Sun was no longer on the sky. After some time a brave man went to find the kite and fight with him. He been looking for the kite more than a year when he finally found him they fought. The brave young man saved the young girl so the sun was again on the sky. But the young man was bleeding after the fight. Where his blood fall the snow melted and snowdrops sprouted.From than people celebrate this day with a string of two colors one red other white. The red one represents the love for beauty and the courage of the young guy and the white represents the snowdrops, the first flower of the spring.

In old times the new year was starting on 1 march so the Martișor was also a gift for the new year.

Today you can find Marțișoare in any size you want with a brooch or as a bracelet.

Well I hope you enjoyed the stories behind marțișor and the symbol of it.Probably there are many more, I just told you some of them.


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