Epiphany, Romanian superstitions

I m not really a religious person but I do like  all the superstitions that are related to religion, even if mostly are kept from ancient time before we became Christians.

Today I will tell you a bit about Epiphany superstitions that we have 🙂

First of all, in this day it is said that the sky is open  and that in this day people can predict how the year will be.

In this day all the water becomes Holy after the priest say some magical words and plays a bit with some basil. All the water will stay Holy for 8 weeks so the women shouldn’t wash clothes ( I wonder why just women are supposed to wash .. Men do not wash ?)for the next 8 weeks ( really a lot of time if u ask me .. you do need to have a lot of clothes :)) ) if  you do it the waters will be defiled.

The water from the Church after becomes Holy, it is taken by people in bottles at brought it at home. Over the year but also the first 8 days  from today they drink a bit in the morning before they eat or drink anything.

They believe they will feel better and all the bad things will be banished.

On this day, young men go in the cold  water of a river or lake to catch the crucifix that the priest is throwing in the water. They believe if they catch it they will be lucky and healthy all the year. Many years ago they wouldn’t have just the believe because the ruler of the country would have  given to the person who would bring the crucifix  a lot of good material things, plus the respect of the community. It is a bit crazy to do that considering is so damn cold out.

Today, the tradition says that the devils get  out of waters and the only creature that is able to see them is the wolf, who will scare them away ( I wonder in Bucharest who would do that as we don’t have wolfs and lately not even to many  dogs…)

For same reason keeping devils at distance in some regions, men are shooting above the river so they can scare the devils. in other regions young men are lighting a  fire and they start to  jump above the fire so they can banish the evil.

In the night before Epiphany  the animals are starting to talk and say about hidden treasures ( I wonder if my cat would be good enough to share that with me :))

I you are a woman and you are dying  of curiosity to find if  you will get married this year and if you don t have yet a prince  than put some basil under  your pillow and get a nap,you might dream the chosen one. But don’t forget you have to fast that day.

If you already have a prince but  this prince doesn’t get the idea you want to get married than if you want to find out if he finally decided than it is said that if you fall on ice on this day  you  might get married this year or if you see a white horse on this day. Is more easy but painful to fall on ice than see a white horse at least in my city:) good that I don’t plan to get married :))

If you want to be beautiful all year and everyone to like you than you first have to go to the church get some Holy Water  and than pour some water 3 times on your head  if you have more courage and you like cold you can take a swim in a river, lake. I don t think a pool would work but you can give it a try :))

On this day you can predict how the year will be : if it is cold and a lot of ice and snow it will be a good year if not than a bad year.

Also  if don’t want to have flea in the summer than  you have to sweep after the priest visited you. But on this day you shouldn’t throw your garbage out.

I hope you enjoyed some of our superstitions 🙂

4 thoughts on “Epiphany, Romanian superstitions

  1. Beautifully written article about the superstition. Maybe I should look for similar superstition in my country even once. I am curious to see the next item from you. It makes any event feel like it to visit Romania again. Many greetings from Germany


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