Hue park -Vietnam

Today I shall take you on a new trip. We will go far away to Vietnam, to Hue. We will try to find an abandoned amusement park. For unknown reason this park was abandoned even if it had all the chances to be a great place. It was supposed to be an water park. It is guarded by a dragon, a beautiful dragon even if it is starting to decay( some says that beside the dragon there is also human guardian that might not let you pass inside the the park). The Dragon is situated in the middle of the lake. You can can actually go on a kind bridge inside the Dragon. where I think it was supposed to be an aquarium or so it looks like. While you walk inside the dragon you have the impression you really in a dragon You can even go in mouth of the dragon and enjoy the view of the lake and the park from there. It is a big park that could be a big attraction. Even in this state still brings enough people to see it.

There also some some waterslides that were supposed to go in the water. There also big pools that were probably designated for water shows as near by them is a kind of amphitheatre.

At some point it seems the park was inhabited by some crocodiles, but it seems they left the premises with the help of PETA.

The park is interesting to see, there were rumours that might be cursed and that’s why it wasn’t finished. Anyhow we don’t know what were the reasons for which it wasn’t finished. For sure it does attract people.

Bellow it is a video that I found about it, that will help you more to understand :

Here more about the city:

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