Treasure Hunt

Today I shall take you on a new trip, we will choose a few good spots because we will go hunting. What will we hunt? Don’t be scared. We won’t hunt wild animals. We will hunt for something more dangerous. We will hunt treasures, yes you heard well we will go on an adventure to find treasures.

Today I shall take you to the first place where we will try to find a treasure, it is supposed here was a lot of gold and not only, as the owner at some point tried to hide all his fortune.

I shall take you to Iasi, here outside the city is a forest where a treasure is supposed to be hiding. I choose this time of year as near big holidays the tradition says you can get some help. You see, the legend says that in the night on significant days( for orthodox the Easter is coming), you can spot the places where the treasure lays and not use a metal detector or any technology. It is supposed you can spot flames above the place where the treasure lays buried.

But with these flames, we have to be careful, and not because we can get burnt, but because depending on the color of the flame, we can know what kind of treasure it is. As there are many cursed treasures, and those are the most dangerous to find as the curse might fall on us. So it is before midnight, and we start to see a fire that burns with a blue flame. We should be careful as the treasure probably has a curse on it. 

If we stay until later after midnight and spot fire with yellow flames, we should go and try to unbury the treasure as it is not a cursed one.

So I wonder what kind of treasure do you want us to find? I m into both as I’m curious to see if the curse exists… We will probably be in big trouble if it does, but we shall see what the night brings.

So about the first place where we will try our luck, I said it is in Iasi, which used to belong to a wealthy family. Around 1630 there used to be a big palace with 365 rooms, one for each day of the year so you won’t get bored( I don’t want to imagine how much time such a house takes to clean I think it can be difficult to clean a small house but such a big place…). This vast house belonged to Roset-Roznovanu. It seems that years later, around 1941 or something like that, part of the treasure was found, but not all, so we still have a chance.

We have to be careful how we step. It says that the forest is full of holes made by other treasure hunters.

So follow my lead, be careful, if I trip or fall, please give me a hand and help me, and I will do the same for you if it is the case. 

Until we spot a flame, we shall walk and enjoy the spring smell of the forest, gladly that is not already summer then we could meet some other kind of legend. We should also be careful not to become we the hunt for animals. So step lightly and don’t be scared…


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