Robert the doll

Today I shall take you in a new trip. We will go to a museum to visit a doll. This doll is a special one. So grab my hand and let’s find out more about this doll. We have to be carefully the doll might get upset and curse us

Why is so special ? Because it is supposed that was alive or acting like being alive. It is supposed that the doll was manufactured by Steiff company from Germany. Richard Steiff was the German designer that helped design the Teddy Bear.

Robert the doll was given as a gift to a boy by his grandfather who got the doll from Germany around the year 1904. Some say’s that the doll was manufactured by a woman that was employed by Eugene’s parents. In this part, the story goes that she put a spell on it as revenge. Whatever version you believe it seems that the doll liked to do things around the house, like moving things, talking.

At first everything seemed ok, but with time the doll started to seem alive. The little boy that received the Doll was Eugene Otto( painter and author), he started to say that the doll is alive. He wasn’t the only one who thought that the doll was alive, his parents started to think the same after one night they heard noises coming from their child’s room. When they got into Eugene’s room they saw him frighten saying that Robert the Doll started to move the furniture. Often when Eugene was doing something nasty he will say that the Doll put him to do it

His parents heard them talk often on different voices. On many occasions Robert the Doll made things that scared people. Years after Eugen grew up he came back to his parent’s house he found Robert once again. After his parent’s death, Eugene moved with his wife in his parent’s house and Robert started to do nasty things once again. Eugene at first gave to Robert the doll one room, but later when his wife started to complain that she felt uneasy with Robert, Eugene moved the doll to the attic. But staying there wasn’t too nice for Robert so the story goes that he was heard by visitors pacing up and down. he will be also seen at another room window by kids from outside. Or find in another corner of the room than the one he was left. Robert the doll lived in this house until 1994. Until that time Robert did many nasty things to people who were curious enough to come near him, some even blame him for car accidents, broken bones, accidents, or other bad things that were happening to them. Robert moved in 1994 to a museum. The museum’s name is East Martello Museum. Even here the doll still makes nasty things, makes the people that take care of the museum feel a bit frightened. Some still blame the doll after they visit it for all their troubles that comes after

It seems that Robert doesn’t like to be touched or photographed. People have issues when they try to take pictures. Pictures are not good or equipment doesn’t work at least that’s what people are saying. I hope with us he will be gently.

Here it is a link that I found on the internet, where people are talking about Robert and his effects.(149) Robert “The Haunted Doll” Rules After Dark at Ft. East Martello Museum Key West – YouTube

I hope you enjoyed our trip!

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