Sleeping beauty – Princess Tisulsky

Today, I will tell you a story about an old beautiful lady, she is very old, more than 800 million years. she was found somewhere in Russia, in Rzhavchik Tisulskago, region of Kamerovo in 1969. I don t know how real is the story as it seemed the local authorities tried to cover  up everything.

But as in every legend, story  is a little  true part… This is  how the story goes.

She was discovered in a coal mine by mistake at a depth of 70 m, in dvadtsatimetrovogo coal seam, there was lying a a marble casket beautiful carved.

After the casket was found , the work was stopped from the orders of Commander Alexander Alexandrovich Masalygina. They brought the casket at surface trying to open and see what is in . They found some pink strange liquid and a beautiful young woman lying in the casket. She had fine European features and large blue eyes that were open.

She was wearing a white short dress made of lace, transparent, with short sleeves with beautiful flowers embroiled.  She seemed just to lay in bed looking very alive.

There in the casket was also a rectangular, rounded at one one end, metallic  black box just  above her head,  was aproximative 25 to 10 cm. The coffin stood open for more than 10 hours, everyone from the village was amazed by the finding. Later the authorities came to see the miracle also. The authorities came with a helicopter seizing the area and telling everyone that the area is contaminated and they should stay as far as possible from the coffin. They removed everyone who touched the coffin. They  tried to get the coffin in the helicopter but as it was to heavy, so they decided to remove the pink liquid.

After they got out the pink liquid from the casket, the beautiful woman became black and just a corpse. They to put  back the liquid in the casket, after that the woman was looking again alive. The casket was than put in the helicopter and brought to Novosibirsk.

Later a professor came and made some investigations about the casket and the beautiful woman. According to the investigations  of the professor  the lady was very old around 800 million years. This would mess up with all theories know before about humanity. Some came with the theory that she might have alien origins, but the lab studies were saying a different story that her origins are totally from this planet. It seems that long ago the technology was quite evolved. The strange conserving liquid, the black metallic box and also the fabric of her dress says that. The fabric of her dress is unknown.maxresdefault-facuta2(1)

This discovery was hidden by the police and military police. Everyone who witnessed the finding of the casket of the beautiful woman who remained known as the Princess Tisulsky, was told to forget about the finding. But fortunately there were some that didn’t listen. One brave man wrote even to the Central Committee about the findings but it seems, he died one year later of heart attack or at least that’s the official version. Other 6 person that witness the findings were killed in a car accident one year later.

In 1973 there were some unofficial digging not to far from the place where the woman was found.It seems there was an ancient cemetery.  The site was full of police and soldiers and all kept secret. But they were unfortunate to have a  drinker lover with them that at some point started to reveal some information’s and spread the rumors.

Here is a video i found on YOutube

I hope you enjoyed the story, it seems that the story of sleeping beauty might have some sense if this story is  actually real. The history if full of interesting mysteries that lay buried in the ground waiting to be brought to the surface.



The pictures and the video are from the internet gather.

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