Pluto’s gate- the underworld gate

Today, we will  make a trip to the underworld so prepare your soul and prepare a dime. We will go to Turkey in Denizli Province to visit Pluto’s temple. Pluto or Hades how is better know in Greek mythology   ( the underworld god). This temple was mentioned in Strabo, Cassius Dio and Damascius writings. The temple is situated on a small cave that emits gasses. So getting to close can be fatal. Birds and other animals are still dying if they get to close.pluto2.jpg.CROP.article920-large

The cave is not to big but large enough for a man to get in, descending the stairs and getting to the place where the gasses are. There is a 3 m squared chamber behind it is a  deep cleft in the rock through which fast flowing hot water passes which release the gas. Many people have died because of this gas.That’s why this place was considered a place that belonged to Pluto, the underworld God, and a gateway to the underworld.

Miracles do happen, so the castrated priest of Cybelle known as Galli descended into the cave, crawled on the floor to the pockets of oxygen, and survived as usually, the gas tends to go upper. He got out of the cave, and people thought he was immune, and a miracle had happened. So since then, the people have seen the priests as having superior powers.
The gasses were also a ritual for passing to the underworld and getting in a trance by the priest.
The temple had a lot of income from selling birds to the people for sacrifices. People were also coming to ask the Oracle for answers. The temple was closed during Christian time. Earthquakes may help at the temple destruction.
The temple was discovered in 1965 by an Italian archeologist. He published all his reports about the discoveries he and his team have made. In 2013 another Italian archeologist team continued the researches. Most probable, the temple and the city dates from the time of the king of Pergamum, Eumenes II,

around the year 190 BC
I hope you enjoyed our trip.

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