Would you give your soul for wisdom? Devil’s Bible

Today I will take you to the Sweden Library where is exhibited  one of the most mysterious books from Middle ages.  I’ m talking about Devil’s book the only religious book where is depicted a big Devil.

The book was written around 13 century supposedly by a monk from a Bohemian monastery.The monk was punished for breaking his vows to be walled up alive in the walls of the monastery. His only chance to avoid this was to write a book with all  the things he knew about life.  He had to write it in one night.  It is supposed that this monk to be able to do it made a pact with the devil giving his soul in exchange of writing the book.

The book is really a big book has 310 pages, parchment is 89x49cm, weights 74,8 kg and it was made out of 160 skins most probably  donkeys skins. The codex is bound in a wooden folded with leather and ornate with metal. Some pages from the codex are missing, nobody knows who removed them.

The legend say’s that the book was written by Herman the Recluse in the Benedictine  monastery of Podlažice near Chrudim, in the Czech Republic. Tho monastery as destroyed around the 15 century durinng the Hussite Revolution. The codex was pledged to the Cisternian Sedlec Monastery and was bought by the Benedictine Monastery in Brevnov. From 1477 to 1593 it was kept in the library of the monastery of Broumov until it was taken to Prague in 1594 to form a part of Emperor Rudolf II collection.

In 1648 at the end of the Thirty Years War, the entire collection of the Emperor was taken as a war booty by the Swedish army . Here you can see some pics and also the text https://www.wdl.org/en/item/3042/ 

Here you can see a video that I found on internet :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QK_fX4_FkG0  I hope you enjoyed!



Pictures are gather from the internet.

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