Cleopatra’s Underwater Palace

Today, I will take you on a new trip we will go on a trip in time. I will take you to Alexandria, in Cleopatra’s palace. Take my hand, take a deep breath, and let’s dive into the history. Down at the bottom of the sea is the palace that had been forgotten for many centuries. The palace dates since Cleopatra’s time. Strabo, in his writings, was talking about a royal house on Antirhodos in 27BC. Following Strabo’s writings in 1990, a team from the European Institute of Underwater Archeology( IEASM) received permission to explore the Eastern Harbor, where was the Ptolemaic royal quarter. After years of researching and mapping, Franck Goddio, the leader of the underwater archeological team, found in 1998 the royal palace of Cleopatra.
Let’s go for a walk in this underwater palace. You can see what used to be the marbles floors, the large red columns, the kilns, and basins. You can also see the massive big statues of divinities. There is a big grey-granite sphinx that represents Cleopatra’s father.Black-granite-sphinx-made-of-stone

We will also go to see the small temple dedicated to Isis Goddess. We can also see the life-size of a shave-headed Egyptian priest of Isis.
. csm_03-ALEX98_CG114_8563b1f48a

The palace was sunken, most probably during the earthquake from 365 A.D that was followed but a tided wave.


Here is a video that I found. In it, you can see more about this place where you can see more of our underwater trip. I hope you enjoyed this trip…

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