Șinca Veche, the temple of the ancient ones

Today, I will take you in a trip in Romania, we will go not so far from Brașov, 45 km actually. This place is very interesting full of history and for those who don’t like to much history than they can just admire the view.  At Șinca Veche we can see a kind of monastery, temple made in a cave.

This cave appears to be mentioned first time around XII century but there are voices that says that the monastery was actually at first a temple dedicated to Zalmoxis, the God of Dacian people. To this theory comes the archeological discoveries dated from Romans times that were found near by.  Ceramics from those times were found, there were also found 6 Dacic homes, 13 pits some containing ceramics. There were found also some coins. One from Tiberius time, and other 4 Romans coins. some locals says near by was also a roman fortification that wasn’t studied by the archeologists, the locals says also that  hidden in the bushes is also a tomb that belonged to a roman general. On the other side what used to be a road from Roman times is the  temple. Some people says that the temple was much older dating for a few thousand years.

The  temple has 5 rooms and two shrines. In one of the rooms is an opening that goes outside the cave. The walls of caves are made of small grains of sand and hone.

In the cave are different inscriptions made. Not religions ones. There is a hexagram and also a yin yang carved in the walls. You can see also something that looks like a portrait  some say represents Jesus.

 Some says that the temple wasn’t Christians as it has two shrines and the mysterious carvings on the walls. Some says that the two shrines comes from the fact that there probably were two churches in the cave and at some point the walls collapsed. Some of the historians believe that this place is unique in he world. On the walls are also some inscriptions that looks like an old language unknown. The temple, is called also the temple of wishes as here the wishes becomes true. In the cave during the years many strange thing happen. Many heard voices  crying. In some of the pictures that were taken inside the temple appeared some strange spots, others when they tried to record, the video recorder started to act strange.People that comes here feel a good energy, some people used to bring goods in the cave so they can charge with good energy. On the hill where the cave is, people say that nothing grows that there are some kind of radiations.

Beside this cave you can see also some nice big stones called trovanți that are on the way and also the nature, a nice spring that is near by.This is the link to the map, to help you get faster:https://www.google.com/maps/dir//45.7637298,25.1713127/@45.763712,25.16869,11z?hl=en

Here you can find more info about it. Unfortunately everything is just in Romanian http://sincaveche.ro.

Below is a video that i found on YouTube about  the temple https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wmu6OxnBSe8

I hope you enjoyed. The pictures and video are gather from all around. I haven’t been yet in the place. But is on my list.  Than, I can tell you exactly if there is some good energy or if wishes come true…

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