Underwater city

Today I will take in another trip1. We will go far away in China to visit a forgotten city.

So, let’s go deep down in the water and find the story that lays ahead. The city is called the Lion city as it is at the foot of Wu Shi  Mountain which is translated as the ” Five Lion Mountain” , from which it drew the name of Lion city. The city was built around the Eastern Han Dynasty time (25-200 A.D.) but unfortunately in 1959 was on purpose submerged to make way  for  Xia’an  River Dam Project and to be built an hydroelectric central, many people lost their home and also  they almost lost  a piece of their history.

The city of Lions laid forgotten under  water for many years, but one day  in 2001 was  rediscovered when the government organized an expedition to see what remained of the submerged city that once stood proudly.


Fortunately they discovered that the city  got very well preserved in water. The city  measure a half of square km, has 5 gates and towers, the city has  wide streets and also 265 archways well preserved, and a lot of stonework well preserved such as beautiful lions, dragons, etc. The oldest inscription that was found dates as far as 1777.  It is believed that the city walls dates since 16 century.  Unfortunately such a beautiful city had to be submerged, fortunately people can see a bit  the beauty of the city by diving in the water between 25m- 40 m.

Here you can read more about diving in, is an article of someone who did it http://www.uwphotographyguide.com/dive-qiandao-lake-china   or  just watch a video that I found on the internet https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=js_vfTnEJ90  

I hope you enjoyed and that your curiosity grew and made you want to know more about this place.

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