Iulia Hașdeu castle -part two

Today I will take you to the sanctuary of the castle, first we will enter in the nartex, than you pass into a corridor with mirrors,this corridor that will take us to a mystic world.This corridor has a magic explication, the mirror retains the soul, so we must be careful:).In the middle of the room is a a column that represent the world shaft, this is continue with some metal stairs.

This construction  symbolizes the sacred cup in which was collected the blood of Christ. On top of the stairs is the statue of the Christ made by Raphael Casciani. This statue endured the wars, the earthquakes without any damages even if the rest of the room had many damages during the years. The metallic railing makes the bundle between the lower plane plan, that represent the material plan and the superior plan  that represents the spiritual world. The tower represents the union between spirit and matter, sky and earth.

The evil spirits can’t find their place between the relation of body and soul here. The old civilizations were using metals as an amulet against evil spirits. The grills from inside the castle suggest the purity of the place, the protection offered by God against evil spirits. The light that comes from the windows is pure also as is filtered. Everything gives u peace to your soul. The temple has a shrine that is framed by two libraries. In the shrine, you can find an upright piano. The books in the two rooms symbolize the knowledge that removes the dark and the ignorance.


The next room is the office of the scientist, in this room, you can see some beautiful furniture. The sofa and the armchair are in Rococo style, made from walnut wood sculpted and stained. Also, the office is made from walnut wood. On the table, you can see two beautiful candlesticks. We can imagine him standing there writing some important documents, using his quill pen, which you can see in the picture below. He will probably invite one of us to sit on the beautiful Rococo sofa. The time is passing, filtered by the beautiful wall clock. We can hear the tic-tac. In the mirror passing by like a ghost, you can see Iulia. She looks happy to see us, eager to have guests. We look around, enjoying the great view of the room.


Now we will go to the next room, the obscure room where we can see a lot of interesting objects. A table used at spiritual sessions, a beautifully sculpted chair with animal motives, that has a secret compartment. Another thing that we can see here is the book Sic Cogito, about spiritual experiences, three copies of the first edition, a Swiss sniper from the first part of the XIX century. We can stay until the dark comes and try to convince Iulia to go and talk with us. We will sit and put our hands on the table, waiting for her. There is a tiny hole in the wall where we can see in the office.

Next is the room dedicated to Iulia Hașdeu, here we can get to know her better. The name of the room is the room with calla flowers. In this room, you can see the doll of Iulia, the books that Iulia wrote before her tragic death at 18 years of tuberculosis. You can see also the worktable of Iulia, used when she was studying in Paris, a statue representing her. A beautiful crystal mirror is also sustained by a figure in Art Nouveau style. We can admire the beautiful white stove. We can almost see Iulia and feel her smile and maybe tell us thank you for visiting my castle.

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