Archeological Museum of Sofia

Today I will finally take you on a new trip. We will go and visit Sofia, to be more exact, the Archeology Museum from Sofia.

The museum is situated in the center of Sofia, The building that hosts the museum used to be an Ottoman mosque. It was built around XV century by the Grand Vizier Veli Mahmud Pasha.

The museum has five exhibitions halls: Prehistory Hall, situated on the lower floor, located at the northern wing’, has a collection of items dating from 1,600,000 BC and 1,600 BC.

Treasury -located in the eastern wing, where we can see a grave inventory and other treasures that date from the Late Bronze Age to late Antiquity.

The most well-known Bulgarian treasures are the Valchitran and Lukovit Treasures.


Main Hall – is situated on the first floor in the main building and hosts a collection of items ranging from ancient ThraceGreece, and Rome to the late Middle Ages.

 Medieval Section – located on the second floor of the main building.

 Includes a gallery of medieval books, woodwork, drawings, metal objects, and other items characteristic of the era. For the first time, I will take a virtual tour. I hope you will enjoy it!

This is at the entrance of the museum. Tomorrow I will show you the rest of the museum.

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