The Rock Monastery

I know it is long since I haven’t taken you anywhere. So, today is the time to go again on a little trip.
I will take you not too far from my city. We will go to Basarbovo. We can go by car from Bucharest or take the bike. Basarbovo is situated 10km from Ruse. It is a beautiful place, as u will soon see. We can pray if we want or just admire the view and go up on the stairs. This rock monastery dates since the Second Bulgarian Empire(1185-1396) but first appeared in books in 1431 in the Ottoman tax register. The monastery has Saint Dimitrius Basarbovski’s name. He was the most famous inhabitant. He was born in 1685 in Basarbovo and spent all his life in the monastery. He was buried in the village church, but later his relics were moved during the Russian -Turkish war (1768-1774) in Bucharest.
I will let the pictures tell you more. I hope you will enjoy it!

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