Stavropoleos Church

Today we will go on a walk in the old center of Bucharest we will see beautiful old buildings but we will stop in front of an old church. We will go to a trip in time and we will stop in Nicolae Mavrocordat time, when Bucharest was looking totally different. Walking around the center  we will pass near the old court  and also there will be a lot of inns.We got in front of a inn that has in his garden a church and a monastery. The garden is full with busy merchants and also at the church is a crowd. We are in 1724 , the church and the monastery were just built by   the Archimandrit Ioanichie Stratonikeas. We are in his inn enjoying the view .Now getting back to the present day, we know that  inn and the annexes were demolished at the end of the  XIX  century. The church was affected by many earthquakes who crippled the tower until the fall of the tower

The paintings of the tower were restored  at the beginning of the XX century  . Now from the old structure  remained just the church and a construction that dates since the beginning of XX century. So lets go for a walk in the garden of the Church and admire how it looks.



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