The hearth of a Queen-part 2

Like I promised in my last post, today I will take you to the palace’s garden from Balcic.
It is a beautiful place, you should visit it better in the late spring or summer when all the flowers bloom. Unfortunately, I have chosen the end of the winter, so no beautiful flowers bloom for me. But I did see the beautiful greenhouse with a great collection of cactuses, as you can see below for those who love cactuses.

You could also find other plants, see bellow.

Even if I didn’t visit the palace in the spring or summer, the view was still great.
Before I show the rest of the pictures I took, let me tell you more about the Queen.
Queen Maria was born on 29 October 1875 in England. She was the daughter of the Edinburgh Duke, the son of Queen Victoria of England. She is related to the Russian Emperor Alexander the second from her mother’s side.
Queen Maria has loved flowers since she was little. Her favorite flowers were the white lilies. All her life, she will try to grow lilies. The best lilies she will grow here. She loved the big garden that the palace had. The garden is divided into a few parts with different themes.
So let’s start a walk in the beautiful garden.

From this part of the garden, you can see the waterfall, just the first part. Here is also a bridge called the bridge of sights. The bridge that divides and simultaneously connects two worlds, one that relaxes the body and the other that gives peace to the soul. The legend says that the wish will become true if you put a wish and pass on the bridge. Here you can see the bridge better.

Now let’s go to the centuries alley. It was named like this by the Queen. The path was paved with millstones, one for each century that passed. One of her last wishes written in her will was that a new millstone would be put on the alley after every century that would pass. Also, the path has some beautiful white columns. They were a gift from her son-in-law Alexander, the king of Yugoslavia. He is also a flowers lover. They used to exchange flowers as gifts and have long talks about flowers. King Alexander also had a beautiful garden at his palace.

The suspended terraces or the maze were made by the Swiss Jules Jannin in 1926. He used to be the gardener in chief of Emperor Nikolay, the second of Russia.
The maze is arranged amphitheatrically over the lonely nest. The stairs go down a slope, pass through narrow arches, and suddenly change their way by climbing up. In the maze are also, from time to time, benches to rest a bit at the shadow of a fig tree, feeling the smell of the roses that are nearby. From the maze, you can enjoy the view of the sea.

The English Court: In the middle of the garden, you can see cross-shaped water in the shape of a Byzantine cross. All sides of the water mirror have equal lengths. In early Christianity, this was the symbol of Christ. Before Christianity, the symbol was used as the sign of the sun god. God of the rain or as the symbols of the elements that the earth is made. The garden is surrounded by a water channel. To the sea, the park is surrounded by stone walls.IMG_20160131_112356

I will tell you about the last part of the garden in the next post! I hope you enjoyed it!

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