The hearth of a Queen-part 1

Today, I will take you to a new trip. This trip it will be in Bulgaria at Balcic, we will go to visit a beautiful palace.

The palace it is situated near the Black Sea, from inside the palace you can easily see the sea.

Between 1913-1940, Balcic was part of Romania same as all of south Dobrogea. After the second war Balcic will return to Bulgaria.

In the time when Balcic was a Romanian town , the Queen of Romania came to visit the town. Queen Maria loved the place so she built a palace here. Her summer residence.

The palace that was also called the lonely nest was actually a big Villa with white walls and a red roof, guarded by a minaret.

The lonely nest was build in a Turkish style with Italian elements.

This beautiful nest was the favorite place for Queen Maria, so favorite that she wanted that after her death, her heart to be taken from her chest and be kept here.Here, her heart was for a long time, closed in a box. A bit more about that you can read bellow.IMG_20160131_123939.jpgIMG_20160131_121059

Now, let’s take a look inside the lonely nest.

And now let’s visit queen bedroom. The bedroom is full of beautiful old furniture.

From those big windows, you can see and hear the sea.

Also if you like you can warm up from  using the chimney.

The flowers that are on the door.

For those that love real wood furniture.

Next room.

The bathroom.

The view from the terrace.

That’s how the palace looks inside. Outside the palace has a beautiful garden, there is also a waterfall, a small church, a holy spring and more. But about this and also more about the story of the place, I will tell you next time.

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