From Bușteni to the Omu peak (2505 m)

Today, we will go on a hiking trip. We will start from Bușteni going up until 2505m.

Here is from where we will start.


Next stop will be at Gura Diham as you can see in the pictures bellow

From here will start the real hiking. We will follow the red line so we won’t get lost.

Next stop will be at the glade springs.

Now the forest is almost ending.

Here already no more trees just rocks.Very nice to climb, a bit difficult.

The view is great as you can see.

And finally up 🙂

I hope you enjoyed!

2 thoughts on “From Bușteni to the Omu peak (2505 m)

  1. Thank you for the nice article. The images and the short description you wanting more. How much time do you need for the ascent? Can you sleep well in the mountain hut or is it better to have a small tent?

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    1. My pleasure!Thx for reading it!As about how much time it takes and if you can sleep. It takes around 7-8 hours depends how your legs are :). You can sleep in the cabin that is at 2505m and also eat something in case you want something warm. You can also use a tent if you want:).


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