Poenari Fortress or Dracula Fortress

Today I will take you to a walk in Dracula Fortress, guard your neck and prepare your legs.

First we will go up to  some stairs, exactly  1480 stairs so take a deep breath and lets go.

After you enjoyed the view and climbed all the stairs, let me take you a bit through the history of the fortress.

The fortress it was made in two phases :

The tower of the donjon was built most probably in the XIII century in the time of Negru Voda.P1110453

The rest of the fortress was made  in the time of Vlad the Țepeș known for some as Dracula :), in the XV.

The architecture of the fortress: the central tower has Transylvanian influences, the walls are made in a Byzantine style. The fortress been under siege just once, in the summer of 1462.P1110477P1110478

There are some legends about how the fortress was made in the time of Vlad Țepeș. It seems that some of the townsmen of Targoviște, betrayed  Vlad Țepeș, and killed his brother Mircea. Vlad Țepeș decided to revenge his brother. So in the day of Easter,Vlad Țepeș gathered all the people responsible for his brother death along with their families. Men, women, children how they were dressed in that day, to walk  from Targoviște to the Poenari fortress on foot. After they arrived to Poenari, all of them were put to work on the fortress walls  The old men  were impaled.P1150968

Most of the people that were working at the fortress died by the hard work, they were supposed to finish in a few months the construction. The townsmen had to bring the rocks from near the river that is down. At that time there were no stairs so they had to climb and give to rocks from hand to hand until up.Some say now, that while they been walking their way up they felt some strange presence, maybe the dead people souls are still there haunting the fortress.

Getting back to history and legends,  there is a legend that while the fortress was under attack, Vlad Țepeș succeeded to run away from Turks by using a hidden tunnel of the fortress. He went in the village near by where he got help from 7 brothers, who helped him run away by changing the horseshoes and put some new ones backward so the Turks would go in the opposite direction, while Vlad Țepeș could escape and go to his army.

Another legend talk about one of Țepeș wives that killed herself throwing out of fortress so she won t be caught by Turks.

Now getting back to facts, in 1550 the fortress was abandoned and later in to more recent times the earthquake in 1915 damaged more the Poenari fortress. In 1972 the fortress was restored. In this days the fortress can be visited. Some visitors  are attracted by the ghost hunting of Dracula as there are stories that Dracula wasn’t actually decapitated and that he never died. Some visitors are looking for the secret tunnels that are in the fortress. Other are just enjoying the view. Doesn’t matter what is your reason to come and visit it for sure you will enjoy even if you won’t be bitten by a vampire :). Until you can find a vampire, you can throw a coin down as you can see in the picture, and make a wish.



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