The forest stone from desert Pobiti Kamani – Hammered stones

Today I will take on another walk. We will go to visit a desert in the middle of a regular road, in Bulgaria, near Varna. This place, long, long ago, like 50 million years ago( that is a long, long time ago ), was a sea. The sea name that the geologists gave to it was the Lutesc sea. It seems that over time three layers formed on the sea bottom. The layer that was near the bottom was of grey and yellow marly sediments. The next layer was of quartz sand accumulated above it. The last layer, the top one, was limestone. So it seems that the water subsided from these places and the atmospheric condition made the first layer eroded. Then the rainwater saturated with the limestone from the top layer started to go infiltrate into the quartz sand. So this process made it possible for large stone columns from the bottom up to form. Those large formations were like the stalactites in caves. Also, the wind had an affair in all of this by blowing away the unsoldered sand.

This is just one of the possible versions of how it was formed. There are also others.
Some thought that the stones used to be trees, and then the water came by, and they got to be petrified

Another theory involves methane. In this idea, the methane got out through seafloor vents, some bacteria got involved with the methane and oxidized and, then the result was calcium carbonate. Long the rising methane tubes were formed and grew into columns, that with time and lowering tides plus weather erosion, the pillars got to be exposed. The sea, in the meantime, disappeared.

We shall never really know probably how this beautiful nature-made little park was made, but for sure we can know that it is gorgeous to see and also a bit amazing I would say to just have a walk feel the fine sand under your feet and enjoy the pillars. You can imagine anything how they appeared. Some say that it is a powerful energetical place and that the fine sand is good to take home( you can find some sand in little bottles at the shop, from where you can buy tickets to see these beautiful stone pillars).

What is for sure is that it is the only desert from Easter Europe. A desert that is in the middle of a regular vegetation place. The stone pillars are split by the road. So you can admire them on both sides.

So now, after you know a little about how this might have been formed, let’s just have a walk and enjoy the view.

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