Cursed to never leave the sea-Flying Dutchman

Today, I shall take you on a new trip. This trip will be a bit different as we go on the sea. You might ask me what we will do there? Well, we will stay and watch the sea and hope to meet a ghost. Yes, you heard well we will hunt an old ghost.. that if the spirit won’t hunt us down… This old ghost is the Flying Dutchman. It was a ghost ship that disappeared somewhere 17th century around the Cape of Good Hope, and it was doomed to never find her peace and never make it to the port, sail the oceans forever.

Some over the years saw the ghost ship. Others believe that if you see it, your ship will be doomed too. But until we get to see the ghost ship, let me tell you how they got to be lost on the sea. It seems the vessel came to Cape in distress of lousy weather and wanted to get in the harbor but couldn’t get a pilot to conduct her, and it got lost forever. Since then, the story says that you can meet the ship when the weather is terrible. 

We shall try to meet it anyway to see if we will get doomed, or maybe the captain will have a message from the other world for us. So what would you tell captain Hendrick van der Decken or his crew? Some say that he wasn’t the kindest man. Legend says he refused to enter the harbor even when the weather got too bad. Some even say that he killed a crew member that wanted to sail the ship to the harbor, throwing him over the board in the sea. Some even say that the ship started to talk to him to tell him to go to a safe place, but the captain swore not to go to the harbor. So he was cursed to never get to the harbor and sail forever. 

So as today should be bad weather on the sea, maybe we will have a chance to see the ship. So grab my hand, and let’s wait.

Mm… can you feel the wind? It seems to be getting stronger and stronger, and fog is getting present. I hope we can still see it. 

There! Can you see it? Looks like a ship …. is it the long-lost ship? So much fog … and so cold…I do feel like I just saw a ghost… But did we?

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