Spirits house-Winchester House

Today I will take you in a new trip, we will go quite far away. Our destination is California San Jose. We will see and admire a beautiful house that is quite huge and that was built without a master plan. First we should make a travel in time to see why and when this house was built.Grab my hand and let’s go. We are in the year 1884, in San Jose, California,we will go and visit Sarah Winchester. She is the widow of William Wirt Winchester. She will show us her treasure, legacy.

After her husband and her daughter passed away, she felt kinda lonely, missing her loved ones she went to spiritism session (spiritism was something at fashion on those times). At this spiritism session, the spirits told her to build a house for every soul that was killed by a riffle.  I forgot to tell you that her husband had a riffles company that sold many guns. Unfortunately many people were killed by those guns.

So Sarah built this house in which we will go in, as you can see this house is huge but beside that is also bit odd.  Has 7 floors, a lot of rooms, but just one toilet. You might think there are more but no those are not toilets at least not for us humans they are just decoys for spirits.

Look there is a  stair that leads nowhere, but this is one is not the only one.  Thereat least a few like this and also doors that lead nowhere.

Sarah will tell you that she actually designed the house by herself with a little bit of help from spirits as they guided her to recreate the room where they were killed.

Don’t be to harsh on Sarah, she might be one of the richest women but she had a rough life as her daughter died young and than later her beloved husband died too.

Have I told you that workers  were working day and night at the house.

I can tell you that this house is full of lost souls some are quite good ones but others are not that nice so some are locked in the room that was created for them and forced to stay there by 13 nails that sealed the room.

Unfortunately today the house is shorter with 3 floors,  that’s because of the earthquake from 1906, what made it to not crush was the floating foundation that the house has.

Now let’s go for a walk in the house, as the house is so huge we might get lost or even worse meet an angry soul that might want to get out, so lets be careful where we step…

Imagine that the house had 161 rooms, 40 bedrooms, 2 ballrooms, 47 fireplaces, more than 10000 glass panels, 17 chimneys, two basements, 3 elevators, 1 toilet.

Sarah as she might tell you , she used to change her bedroom every night.

Now I will take to  some of the most beautiful rooms from the mansion. These rooms costed her a fortune and now they are worth even more.  There are also some windows that were designed by Tiffany himself.

Let’s go and visit this rooms so you can see with your eyes how beautiful they are. We will first go and visit the 25000$ storeroom. This room has artisan windows, this windows costed a fortune around 25000$ and they are worth about millions now.


Next stop is the room that is called the Seance room, as you can see is in the center of the house and here was were the spirits came and give guidance to Sarah how to built the house. Maybe we can  meet one of the spirits here so let’s have all ears on.i can only hope it is an nice spirit or we should have to prepare 13 nails and a hammer and to get an empty room to lock them.


Before any spirit comes let’s go and visit the Daisy Room, This room as you could guess has a daisy motif highlighted in it stained glass.  In this room Sarah was trapped during the earthquake from 1906.


Now we will go to Sarah bedroom, or the place where she died in 1922. You can almost feel her here.


Another beautiful room is the grand ballroom. This room was build almost entirely without nails. The room cost was about 9000$ at that time ( around 125,600 in today’s currency ), really beautiful as you can see.


Next stop is the Cristal Bedroom – this room had mica crystals encrusted on the walls , this mineral reflects the light and makes the wall to sparkle when the lights are on, a real beauty as you can see.


Some of the windows had a spider web motif, there were also windows that were designed by Tiffany himself as i have told you before .

The construction of the house stopped in 1922, when Sarah died. All her possession went to her niece and her secretary. Her niece kept some of the things she liked, the rest were sold at an auction.

The house was sold at an auction, it was bought by a local investor and leased for 10 years to John and Mayme Brown, later they purchased the house and transform it in a museum. Today the house can be visited as we did. Here you can make a virtual tour of the house so you can know what to expect when you are really there. Be careful some spirits enjoy your presence some no. I hope you enjoyed my story.  I really loved the house after I saw the movie about Sarah, you should have a look,  you might enjoy it.




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