Temple Mount-the place between Religions- Jerusalem

Today I will take you in a new trip. Will be again a trip in time, we will be in just one place but in different times. This trip will be quite long so take my hand and let’s dive in darkness of time.Considering that we are in holidays time ( Easter time ) now, I will take to a place that is considered holy.  We shall go Jerusalem to visit Temple  Mount. This place is located in the old part of the city and for thousands of years is considered holy for Judaism, Christianity and Islam. This place will be over the years disputed by all 3 big religions. The place where we are going is actually a hill. But not an usual hill, it is a hill with a big history. Here some says that the Solomon Temple stood (  Yes, Solomon temple from where the Templars took their name and some will say their famous fortune too) . In the present time, here are standing three monuments: Dome of  Rock, Dome of the chain and the Mosque Al-Aqsa. Now as I was saying earlier let’s dive the history of this place.

First stop will in Biblical times, we shall visit King David, we will see him buying this place with 15 silver coins from Araunah the Jebusite . David will meet a prophet who will suggest to him that he should make here a temple. David will built here an altar to the God of Israel. This place will be considered a holy place by Jews. Here will take place the biblical binding of Isaak. Standing here and letting time go, we will watch from shadow how king Solomon, the son of David will built the first temple. A temple that will later be an enigma for some( see the Templars history). This place has a lot of meaning for Jews as I said. We will watch how this temple will stand for many years until Babylonians will destroy it. But this won’t be the first temple to be raised and destroyed here. Now we will be in Cyrus time, that is around 538 BCE, he will order a new temple. The new temple will be finished in 516. For centuries this will be calm around here but than a new Empire will raise. The Romans. they will also build here. One will be Herod the  Great, who in 19 BCE will extend the hill, he will rebuilt and increase in size the temple.There were more than 10000 workers involved. On the hill will be constructed a Basilica named Royal Stoa also a Fortress Antonia Fortress  and a rain water reservoir Birket Israel.

The hill will be considered holy by Christians also, a new religion that is raising up. This place will be supposed to be the place where Jesus will be crucified.  Now we will be in Hadrian time, he will construct here Aelia Capitolina, a roman colony.  On the former temple will be built another temple this time this temple will dedicated to Jupiter Capitolinus .Hadrian will want to built a new city for Jews, but he will construct a statue of himself in the front of the Jupiter temple, inside  was also a big statue of Jupiter.Jews considered this as idolatrous also Romans used to sacrifice a pig to purify the land which was considered also against Jews traditions.  Beside all that, Hadrian did also prohibited circumcision. All of this will will make the third revolt to be launched. But as we will see the Jewish revolt will be crushed and Jews prohibited to enter the city and Temple Mount.

But all that was constructed in Hadrian time, will not last to long as in 70 CE during the first Roman-Jewish  war, as we will see the fortress will be destroyed by Titus

 As I told you it seems this Mount will always have a temple to be raised and than to be put down.

Now we will go in Constantine time, he just adopted Christianity, so after the Council of Niceea he will destroy the temple from Mount Temple.

Jews, in his time could come and visit Mount Temple, first when they wanted and than they could just once a year.

 We are now in 363, Julian the nephew of Constantine is now Emperor, he will grant Jews permission to build a new temple. Julian is considering the Jews God one that could join the Roman Pantheon. He is against Christianity.  Jews started already to clean and try to build a new temple but God didn’t like as you can see an  big earthquake  started, there is fire springing out of earth so we better run and try to not be burnt or hit by a falling stone.

 Running from earthquake we got in Byzantine time,  At this time we will see a beautiful church standing with a nice mosaic. In this time things are better more quiet.

But things are about to change as we go to other times, around 600  AD. We will assist how Mount Temple goes to others. The Byzantine Empire will decay and the Arabs will conquer the region. They found the Temple Mount full with rubbish,  Arabs will built here a nice mosque. This will  be considered holy. The Muslims consider this place holy as they think that here is the place where the Prophet Muhammad ascended to “Divine presence “on a black of a winged horse. Because of this believe Temple Mount is believed to be holy. Now grab my hand and let’s come back to our normal time. We will soon continue our trip in time. Mount Temple has a lot of history. I hope you enjoyed our trip.

The picture is not mine, is from Internet.


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