The treasure-Al-Khazneh

Today, I will take in a far away trip we will go to Jordan in Petra. We shall visit the place that is called the Treasure. Many down the centuries tried to find the treasure hidden inside this place. The treasure or Al-Khazneh how is called in Arabian language is actually a huge tomb that was carved in a most beautiful way in stone. The name of the city Petra is Greek and means stone, comes from the word petros which means rock.

The Treasure was built long ago around I Ad by the Arab Nabateans, the architecture has Greek, Roman influences but also some original beauty. You may know this beautiful building if you were a fun of Indiana Jones, as we can admire it in one of this movies that is Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade .

The place as you may see in pictures was carved in the rock in the middle of a rocky desert where water was a priceless thing, but even so the Nabateans found solutions for this. It seems they were quite good engineers as they could store, pump the water from few miles. They could also avoid the flooding, even if in Petra the rain is something you don’t see everyday,  it can happen that all the rain might come all at once and flood all the area. But somehow the Nabateans succeeded to overcome that problems with dams. Petra was a flourishing city even if it was situated in rocky desert but at some point down the history the city remained empty.

Now let’s go back to the story of Crypt or the Treasure. On top of the Crypt there is a nice carved urn that attracted people and thieves. It seems that the name of the crypt  Al-Khazneh( the treasure ) made many to look for the treasure on top, in the urn. There also was a legend from where the crypt got the name Treasure, it seems that some bandits and pirates hid their treasures in that urn from above. Unfortunately the urn also got some bullets over the years from those in search of treasures. Other legend talks that this place was the treasury for the Egyptian Pharaoh from Moses time.

The bones that were in crypt most of them got lost in the time as the place was many time looted over the years.

Even the time eroded the stone we can still admire the beauty of this Treasure, we can still see on top of it four Eagles that would carry your soul in the afterlife. On the upper level you will meet some beautiful strong Amazons so be aware and don’t upset them, they have double axes and they are good at using them. At the entrance we shall meet the twins Castor and Pollux they used to live on Olympus Mountain and partly in underworld so be careful.

Petra was lost for many years but it was in 1812 when a Swiss explorer rediscovered the place, his name was Johann Ludwig Burckhardt. Since than the tourism started to grow. Petra is one of the most interesting destination to visit, but there is one bad part like in all ancient places that gets overcrowded with tourist the building or the place starts to degraded much faster.

I hope you enjoyed my story!  Here is a link that I found on Youtube that I found pretty interesting:



– the picture and the video are not mine they are just gather from the internet.


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