Christ Tower or Galata Tower

Today, as we are still walking in Istanbul, we shall go to see Galata Tower or how is translated Christ Tower from latin Christea Turris. This tower was build in 1348 by Genoese, there used to be another tower that was destroyed when Constantinople(old name of Istanbul) was sacked during the crusades , in 1204, but let’s go inside.135195_Istanbul_GalataTower_915

As you can see here is a place where we can also enjoy a coffee and the view from the tower.  From here you can almost  see all the city. The view is beautiful. We are at 51.65 m but the tower is a bit longer, the 51.65 m is just for the observation point. The total height of the tower is 66.90m and when it was built it was actually the tallest building in the city. The tower elevation is 35 m above the sea, it was built to replace the old tower that was situated in another place but it was as I told you earlier destroyed in the time of the crusaders. The actual tower that we are in , it was built in Romanesque style, when the Genonese colonies were expanding.galata-tower-mural-inside

From this tower some brothers tried and succeeded to actually fly, that was somewhere around the 17 century, this story is told by a known traveler of that time, Evliya Çelebi.

One of the brothers Hezarfen Ahmet Çelebi, flew using artificial wings from this tower. This guy ,Hezarfen Ahmet Çelebi, later also flew with a 7 winged rocket using  50 okka  of gunpowder from the point bellow  Topkapi palace.  He flew in the day when the sultan daughter would be borne, our traveler  says that Hezarfen Ahmet Çelebi  said to the sultan “O my sultan! Be blessed, I am going to talk to Jesus!”; after ascending in the rocket, he landed in the sea, swimming ashore and joking “O my sultan! Jesus sends his regards to you!” . The sultan  rewarded him with silver and ranked him as a sipahi in the Ottoman army.

Getting back to the history of this tower, later it was used a fire tower, unfortunately   the tower itself didn’t escape fire.  The  roof was made of lead and wood, the stairs were badly damaged in a fire.  In 1831 another fire damaged the tower, a restoration took place. Beside fires, the tower also confronted  storms, a bad one  for the tower was in 1875, when the conical roof on the top was destroyed. The roof was restored many years later. In 1960 during another restoration, the wooden interior will be replaced with concrete structure and it will be open for the public to visit ,so we can enjoy it and also enjoy the beautiful view from it . So take my hand and let’s enjoy it.

I hope you enjoyed my little story!  The pictures are not mine they are gathered from  all over the internet.

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