An old French castle, an old ghost- Château de Brissac

Today , I will take you on a trip to France. We will visit a castle.  The name of the castle is Château de Brissac is located in commune of Brissac-Quincé, département of Maine-et-Loire.Let’s  have a walk down the history of the castle

The castle was built in the 11 century by Counts of Anjou , later the property was given by King Phillip II of France to Guillaume des Roches.

In the 15 century , the castle will be rebuilt by Pierre de Brézé a wealthy chief Minister to king Charles VII of France. The property will be acquired by  René de Cossé, who was named by the King as governor of Anjou and Maine.

Later in 1589 the castle becomes the possession of Protestant leader, Henry of Navarre. The fortress became severely  damaged  and should have been demolished if it wasn’t for Charles II de Cossé who allied with Henry of Navarre. Henry of Navarre became soon king of France. King Harry gave to Charles II Cossé, the property  and the title of Duke  Brissac plus the money to rebuilt the castle in 1611.

The castle  is still owned even today by the Brissac  family, now curently is  managed by Charles-André de Cossé-Brissac, Marquis of Brissac , who is the eldest son of François de Cossé-Brissac, the current Duke of Brissac .

On the website of the castle you can take a virtual tour, here is the link  to it You can also stay in the castle for the night and enjoy the old castle and some old ghosts.

What I haven’t yet told you it  seems that the castle is also a bit  haunted by a lady . She is called the lady in green, it seems she and her husband lived in the castle in 15 century . The  lady in green , by her name Charlotte de Brézé, was the illegitimate daughter of  King Charles the VII and his mistress Agnes Sorel . Charlotte de Brézé was also half sister with King Louis XI. She got married with a noble man called Jacques de Brézé, their  marriage wasn’t one out of love. so after some time from their marriage, she started to have an affair. In  one particular night their maid, came and wake her husband, while Charlotte  was in the other room having and affair. Her husband was furious so he killed her and and her lover.

Soon he moved out of castle as he could hear his wife and her lover around the house.

Today it seems just Charlotte still haunts the castle, it seem she loves the tower. So when you visit be careful , you might meet her.

Here you can watch a sort video about her story:https:

I hope you enjoyed! The pictures are gather from the internet same as the video.

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