Highgate Cemetery- The haunted Park

Today, I will take you on a trip in London, we will go to a beautiful place, that is said it is haunted.

Highgate Cemetery has also vampires stories as also ghosts, so we have the hole package.

But before we meet the vampire, or the ghosts while we walk I will tell you a bit about the history of Highgate.  As you can see the cemetery is situated in North  of London and it is dived into two parts: east and west, it is located on both sides of Swain’s Lane.It was open in 1839 as a part of the plan to provide a solution for the overcrowded cemeteries that were inner-city and mostly attached to individual churches. Highgate cemetery is part of the 7 magnificent cemeteries around central London( here you can read morehttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnificent_Seven_cemeteries)

The first person that was buried was Elisabeth Jackson of Little  Windmill street, Soho on 26 May 1839

The cemetery has many people buried,some famous, but beside this it is famous also for the park look that has. Highgate cemetery is full of shrubbery and wildflowers that grew without being planted by human hand, it is also a paradise for birds and small animals like foxes.

The old part of the cemetery holds an impressive collection of Victorian mausoleums and grave stones and also elaborately carved tombs, but unfortunately this part can be visited just in tour groups.

In 1960 the creepy stories started to bloom some with vampires and some just with ghost and some with people in dark robes doing their secret rituals.

While we walk we might find the vampire that they say it might be from Romania, so one of mine, some said they have seen a tall pale man with hypnotic eyes around the graveyard. It was actually at that time a big fuss in the newspapers and people actually started to organize a hunt. They didn’t found anything, but the story still continue to exist. Some said that they saw foxes that had their neck pierced by teeth. Probably they enjoyed the story of Bram Stoker.  We might also see the shy ghost named the Shrouded figure that seems to enjoy looking at the sky but if you try to get closer..puf she vanish. Or we can run into the woman that run around the graves looking for the children she murdered. We might stumble into other less known ghosts but until we meet them. Let’s enjoy the great view!


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