Sedlec Ossuary

Today, I will take you in a new trip we will go to visit Czech Republic, to see the Sedlec Ossuary. I hope you won’t get scared because we will see a lot of bones. As the monastery is decorated with bones. Yes you heard well bones. Grab my hand and lest go for a walk while I tell you the story about the monastery.

The monastery was fond in the year 1142 by the Cisternian monks, their main occupation was working the land near the monastery. The famous time will start later , in 1278 the king Otakar II of Bohemia sent one of his abbots to the Holy land. When the Abbot returned he brought  with him from Golgotha some  earth which he sprinkled on the cemetery ground . Because of this everyone desired to be buried in sacred land, The Sedlec cemetery got famous and many people desired to be buried here, not just from Bohemian parts but also from Central Europe. In 14 century in plague time the cemetery hosted around 30000 people, in the 15 century the number grew with the Hussite war.

The way that the monastery looks now dates from 1870 and is the work of wood-carver František Rint, the ossuary contains the remains of about 40000 people.

Now, let’s go for a walk and we will see the dark of this beautiful place, maybe we will feel a bit like in cemetery, which in a way it is. In the same time here you can see people  naked of feelings, naked of flash, just bones. Bones that can make something beautiful.

For those who are part of the decor can be heaven because people can still see them, or hell as not many would like to sleep their eternal time being part of a room decor


As you can see in the pics, there is an impressive chandelier which contains exactly all the bones from human body, but also the rest of the decorations are impressive.

Here you can find two movies I found on the YouTube where you can feel even more like being there:     

Here is the link for the official website so you can see more about it:

You can see here another video that they have on their official site that I found pretty interesting,  on the video you can see also how the Church looks outside. I hope you will enjoy.

The pictures and the videos are not mine they are gathered from all over the internet as I haven’t been in this beautiful place yet.

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