Prohodna cave or eyes of God

Today I will take you to a great place. I bet you will like the view. I discovered this place by chance.
This place is situated in the north-center of Bulgaria in Iskar Gorge, not too far from Lovech.
It is a vast cave 262 m long, has two entrances, the small and the big one. The small one is 35 m high, and the big one is 45m high. It is the longest cave in Bulgaria.

It is also named eyes of God because, as you can see in the pictures, two big holes in the ceiling look really like two eyes. The view also from up, while standing on top of the eyes and looking into the cave, is excellent. But before u reach the top, you will walk a bit in a little kinda forest, where you will find some little caves that are part of Prohodna.

Walking in that hmm little forest, in the end, you will reach on top of the cave from where the view like I already said, is also great.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Even if to see it, in reality, it is really more spectacular!

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