Devetashka cave

Today I will take you to a beautiful place situated in Bulgaria. I hope you will enjoy it!
Devetashka cave is where I will take you, it is located in Bulgaria, near the town of Lovech and Devetaki village, on the right bank of the Osam river.
The cave has a long history dating since Middle Paleolith( 70000 BC).
In 1927, here was discovered the first Neolithic tomb from Bulgarian lands. Also, they found an interesting fragment of a clay bowl decorated with a white swastika from the early Neolithic age.
In Eneolithic/ Stone Copper age, the settlement in the cave occupied the larges area. In the dry corridor of the cave, a child burial and two ceramics cups were found.
Dating from the Bronze age were found a bronze sickle and a stone pot.
In the cave were also findings dating from Roman times, like a marble votive tablet with a picture of Artemis/Diana and a part truncheon of Hercules showing that a sanctuary dedicated to these deities most probably existed here.
The cave was used as a refuge between the XII century and XIV century. The settlements and artifacts discovered here (stone, flint, bone, wood, clay, metal) prove the population’s high material and spiritual culture that inhabited the cave over the centuries.
The cave is also inhabited by many large families of bats.
I hope you will enjoy the pics!

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