Cazinoul din Constanța

Today, even if it is Christmas, I will take you on another trip.
I will take you on a trip to the Black Sea. We will just walk near the cliff.WP_002392

Here, near the cliff, I will show you a beautiful building that used and still is the symbol of Constanta. You will see how beautiful it is as we walk, even if now it is not at her best.WP_002400

As we walk, I will first tell you a bit about the story of the building

This beautiful building that you see in the picture used to be a charming casino where all the high life cream of Romanian society used to come to play or just to watch and enjoy the show.
The construction of this building started in 1904. The architect was Daniel Renard, the style of the building was made in Art Nouveau style, and it was finished in 1910.
In 1916 the destination of the building was changed because of the war, so it became a hospital. But unfortunately, it is hit by shrapnel, and 10 people die. Next year the building returns to her initial purpose as a casino. In 1934 are done some repairs.
In 1941 the Casino became a house for the Germans soldiers; the building would suffer again because of the war.
Later, in 1948 will become the culture house for the syndicate. In 1951 will be again repaired. The last repair was between 1986-1988.
Now the building is waiting for better times without any purpose.

Now, let’s continue our walk and enjoy the view of the sea!

10 thoughts on “Cazinoul din Constanța

  1. Thanks for the story about the building! I will share your blog with my 4300 followers on Facebook and 1300 Twitter followers too! Just write about Art Nouveau for us!


    1. Thanks for reading my story and sharing ! I will write more about other buildings that we have in Art Nouveau style! Thanks again for sharing:)

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  2. When I was there, I was wearing a very beautiful, flowing dress, and no underwear, and a huge gust of wind came, and blew the dress up into my face and over my head, and everyone saw my goodies! Cannot decide if that was bad luck OR good luck!


  3. Thank you so much for sharing photos of your trip and images of such a magnificent building and its surroundings. What a pity that this building is sitting there unkept and unused. Hope that one day someone will take care of it before it gets too old and fragile.


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