Clay Canyon

Today I shall take you on another trip. We will go again to Dobrogea on a hill to see a clay canyon. So take my hand and let’s go.

The canyon is situated in the natural reservation called Allah Bair, which means the hill of God. The view to go there and until there it is beautiful. We can see a lot of lovely flowers and enough nice birds. If we take the road with the forest, we might find some foxes and rabbits. We have also to be careful this area is also inhabited by some big snakes, most of them harmless that if is if don t step on them. Then they might bite

Before we arrive at our destination, we will climb a bit, and we will find a lovely spring with cold water that people think can make miracles besides making your thirst go away ( you can get pretty thirsty from climbing and walking in the sun). But before we have to be careful with mosquitos, they like this place, so anyone that trespass their territory will pay with some blood.

While we walk we can admire the view, the lovely flowers and maybe some birds or a fox or two if we get lucky.

After a few km of walking, we can see the canyon. It looks pretty nice, there are again some birds that like to go there probably is a bit colder at the shadow.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you much about formatting as I couldn’t find information about that. But still is nice to look at and admire. I hope you enjoyed the little trip!

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