Wadi Rum – a beautiful paradise

Today I shall take you on a trip, we will go far away in a beautiful land. We will go and visit Jordan, visit the beautiful Wadi Rum or Valley of the moon. So grab my hand and let’s go. We will meet with some Bedouin so they can guide us to not get lost in the desert.
We shall step on the land where many cultures passed by since long ago, one of the most prominent was that of the Nabateans – they left their marks in form of graffiti and temples. As you can see everything is really beautiful. You can see the high mountains and the beautiful red sand ( I do hope we won’t get burnt from the heat and later not froze as is getting cold in the night time. We shall stay in a tent and eat the Bedouins food and enjoy a hot tea. Later we will look and admire the sky full of stars. We can choose to and name a start if you want to. We would enjoy the beautiful view, enjoy the beautiful rocks.
I hope you enjoyed our trip and I hope you enjoyed the view 🙂

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