Lost and not yet found-Amber Room I

Today I will take you to a new trip. It will be a trip in time. Grab my hand and let’s go. We will go first to the year 1701 to the Charlottenburg Palace, to the home of Friedrich I, the first King of Prussia, there we will see one of the 8 wonders of world: The Amber room. 

 The Amber room is a beauty, as the name say’s is a room with ceilings and walls covered in amber and has also some gold and semi- precious stones in it. This beauty was designed by German baroque sculptor Andreas Schlüter and it was constructed by the Danish amber craftsman Gottfried Wolfram. After we admire it, we will go to other place. There we shall go to the home of Peter the Great, king of Prussia.  The Amber room was moved to Prussia as a gift from Friedrich I to Peter the Great, to cement the alliance against Sweden.

Now we will watch how the Amber room was moved to Russia in 18 large boxes and installed in Winter House in Saint Petersburg as part of European art collection. We will meet Czarina Elizabeth, we will watch her ordering that the Amber room will be moved to Catherine Palace in Pushkin, named Tsarskoye Selo, or “Czar’s Village.”. There will be also the Italian designer Bartolomeo Francesco Rastrelli he will redesign the room making it larger using some additional amber brought from Germany for that. We can admire a full room of beauty, 180 square meters of amber and semi-precious stones and gold.

Now we will go to the time of the second war, this time we will watch from the shadow, The Amber Room with her beauty attracted many eyes. One pairs of eyes were Hitler’s eyes, he considered the Amber room a German treasury.

We are in the year in 1941 on 22 June watching the Barbarossa operation, 3 millions of German were sent into Soviet Union. While we watch the invasion we will see how many art treasury were looted.  The Nazis believed that all the art treasury were meant for Germans.

We will go to Pushkin, at the Catherine Palace here we will watch how the curators will try to dissemble and hide the Amber, but won’t succeed as the amber started to crumble, as you can see they decided to just hide it behind some wallpaper. Now we will watch from  shadow how Germans are looking for the room and how they succeed finding it under the  wallpaper. We will stay with them 36 hours until they dissemble the room and pack it into 27 boxes, they are quite fast.

Than we will go with them to Königsberg, Germany were the boxes with amber are shipped. There we will take our time until the boxes are open and the room is slowly reassembled, it will take some time. Than we will spend a longer time  here while Alfred Rohde will study the Room. We will have this privilege with him to admire and study this 8 wonder of the world. now we can see that something is happening as Alfred is starting to dissemble again the room trying to hide it. It is almost the end of the war, he been able to dissemble the room but  unfortunately we can’t watch him anymore as the city is under attack. We can see that the museum is ruined from the bomb attacks, unfortunately we lost from our sight the amber room and we are not the only ones that lost it. It seems the treasury got lost under the fire of the city.  Maybe someone had the time to hide it as in the fire we didn’t felt the smell of amber.  Such a large quantity would have bring a lot of burnt amber.

Tomorrow we will continue our trip in time, this time we will try to see if we can find the Amber.

I hope you enjoyed the trip with me.

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