From Victoria to Podragu cabin

Today I will take you on a hiking trip. We will start from the little town called Victoria going until  up on the mountain to Podragu. From Podragu you can get to the highest peak called Moldoveanu at 2544 m. But we will get to Moldoveanu on my next post, at the moment we will hike until Podragu cabin at 2316 m.

So like I said we will start from Victoria we will get out of the city and we will start walking in the forest.So let me show you the road.

The first part of the road is really easy and relaxed. Than comes a small part that is a bit difficult but not to difficult.

The view is great first stop it will be at a cabin around 1500m .

We will soon arrive at the cabin.

Next stop it will be at Podragu cabin where we will stay and sleep. From the first cabin we leave the forest behind now we will have a great view from up.

This is the cabin where we will stay. Until Podragu cabin will take you a day to arrive.From here like I said you can get to the highest peak.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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