The Mogoșoaia Palace

A new journey is ahead this time. I shall take you to a place not far from Bucharest. It is situated about 10 km away from Bucharest, it is a beautiful palace as you will see in the pictures. Around the castle is a nice park where you can take a walk and admire the view.
Let’s take a walk through the history of the palace :).
It was built between 1698-1702 by Constantin Brancoveanu (prince of Wallachia ) on the previously owned land by the widow of boyar Mogoș. Because of this, the palace was named Mogoșoaia.
The palace is in a Romanian Renaissance style or what is also called the Brancoveanu style.
The palace became an inn after 1714 when the owner Brancoveanu and his family were executed by the ottomans and their wealth confiscated.
The palace suffered some damage in the Russo-Turkish war between 1768-1774. Later it was granted by prince Grigore to his daughter Zoe Mavrocordat. She married George Bibescu, sovereign prince of Wallachia. The palace remained in the family and was renovated by Nicolae Bibescu.
In 1916, the palace was bombed by Germans air forces. Princess Martha spent all her private fortune on reconstruction.
Later in 1920-1930, the palace became the meeting place for politicians and the international high society.
After the second war in 1945, the palace was forcibly nationalized by communist authorities, and the owners were arrested.
In 1957, the palace became a museum, what it is also today.
Coming back to the present 🙂 the palace is lovely for a walk and to admire some fantastic architecture. In the basement of the castle, you can see the walls that belonged to the Vacaresti monastery and read a bit about the history of the Vacaresti monastery. Talking about monasteries and churches, there is one in the palace’s garden.
You can also go up in the tower and admire everything from up, the view is beautiful as you can see in the pictures, or U can just take a walk and admire the view of the lake.
I hope you will enjoy the view and maybe come to really visit it!

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