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Lilith- first woman

Today I shall take you on a trip in time. We will go back in history at the start of times. In biblical times when God created the world and first people. So grab my hand, and let’s go in time. We are in the Eden garden. There is God, the creator of everything. He created many beautiful things, but his garden doesn’t have someone to keep it beautiful. Is too quiet. He needs to create something more. He looks at dust measuring, touching. He gets in his hands two parts of dust. He looks at them and blows on them, saying some incantations. From each hand starts to grow two humans.
One female and another male. God talks to them, telling them to inhabit the beautiful garden called Eden or earth. They look at each other they enjoy the beauty they see around. Everything is so beautiful, so perfect. These two creatures, called Adam and Lilith, grew closer to each other each day. They are the only humans in this beautiful place. They enjoy themself making love, but Adam is the one that likes to be more dominant and the one who wants to decide. Lilith doesn’t like that. She knows that she is made out of the same dust with the same divine blow, so Lilith tells Adam that she wants to decide things to be equal to enjoy both. But Adam, like a nasty child, doesn’t like that he says God blew and created him first and that God prefers him. Lilith doesn’t believe that, so she goes away to find her own path. Lilith grows wings. She becomes something different than Adam. More powerful and not easy to control. When God sees his creation has grown stronger to strong for Adam. He gave him another female who could be more like him and won’t want to grow wings and fly.
God can’t make this one from dust again as he is afraid it will grow wings and fly again, so he is choosing another material this time. He asks Adam to give one of his ribs to make a female feel more attached to Adam and won’t want to leave him. He obeys as he is all alone, so Eve is created. God makes angels flying creatures to keep the link between Eden’s garden and God’s home. In this time, Lilith is experimenting with her powers and her freedom. But God sees that she grows stronger and enjoys too much of the power taste. Lilith can create children like her, powerful to powerful. She starts to obey less God… why should she. She has enough power, but God doesn’t like that, so he sends some angels to kill her children so her army won’t get big. He says to his angels that this is a punishment for not living where he put her. She still finds a way to have more children. She goes to Adam and finds him with another female more obeying from his flesh. Lilith decides to steal some seeds from Adam while he is asleep so she can make more children. And so she does.
Eden garden changed as time passed, and Adam and Eve had children. But for the significant change of Eden, everyone blames Eve for that because they say she gave in to temptation and did the forbidden thing. The only one God said to not do, and Eve did, even more; she corrupted Adam. But Adam was easy to convince even if he knew he shouldn’t. That he should obey God. After tasting the knowledge, both Adam and Eve felt naked, both physical and mental. So many things this garden cold hold that they didn’t see before. After conceived children, their children tasted the power and the possession. So one chooses to send into dust his brother. So humankind knew the first crime.
Lilith, like any mother, would do decided to avenge because God chose to kill her children, so she decided to kill some of God’s creations. So she kills at times newborn. God decided to stop her, so he told Adam and Eve that all the kids they make won’t die if they wear an amulet. Lilith will know God doesn’t let her approach them. She is always flying, trying to get more children to replace hers that angels are killing every day. She is a mother and a powerful creature. A creature that brought many times fear. But also a creature that chose freedom even if for that freedom she had to leave that beautiful place. So God’s creation does have their own mind and their own way to decide even if at times they suffer consequences. Lilith decided to follow her path, got power but suffered because of her children, but she still found a way. Adam and Eve disobeyed and created the world as we know it. Where people decide what to do and what to not do. But also to endure the consequences. So whatever you choose, choose wisely and be always ready to pay the price. But sometimes the price to pay is good to enjoy the freedom, the knowledge, the power… so choose wisely.