Rusalii -the beauty of a dream

Today I shall take you for a walk in a forest we shall go near Bucharest where is a little pond where witches are supposed to come, we can hunt treasures as today is a big day.

This Sunday will be 50 days since Easter. For many, that means the Holy Spirit came on earth, and the apostles started to convert more people to Christianity. Today in my country we also celebrate a Roman holiday named Rusalli. So take my hand and let me tell you their story. Rusalii are some beautiful women. They are supposed to be the daughters of Rusalim Emperor, for some a personification of Jerusalem. Others say that the Rusalii are just some beautiful girls with magic powers. In some versions, they are wrong if you upset them. They like to dance in the forests. Those that see them get enchanted by their beauty and their dance so enchanted that the only way to bring back that person will be to let Calusarii (a group of 13 men who will dance a traditional dance). This dance is known to bring good luck but also to help those that were enchanted by the Rusalii). 

Where the Rusalli are dancing, the grass will get black, and if any mortal is watching, they will be punished. Some say that the herbs are healing until July, when there is another holiday like this one. On the Rusalii, people put all kinds of green leaves on doors. Some even put garlic to keep the evil spirits away. The green is supposed to bring good luck.

I know it is dangerous to have this walk, so if you are afraid to come and walk with me here, you can go. I will have this by myself. For women should be less dangerous, the Rusalii prefer men more than women. But if you are not afraid, grab my hand and let’s go. 

We can feel the grass, feel how relaxing it is to walk even if it is pretty dark. Can you feel the smell of the linden tree? Is so powerful. There you can also feel the smell of water, can you?

Yes, I thought that you felt it.

Come close to the pound, we shall find a spot on the grass near the water to just stay and enjoy. 

On this night, we might also maybe see some flames as is a big night, the flames of a treasure might also appear, or we might have the good luck or bad luck to meet the white-dressed girls, the Rusalii.

Is so quiet, you can hear the wind and somewhere in the dark. I think it is a tiny frog as I can listen to.

Mmm, there is a strange sweet smell. Can you feel it? It doesn’t seem to be from a linden tree.. it is so sweet, and the air seems so hmm bit strange…

Are you a bit scared that we might meet the beautiful girls?

Talking about beautiful girls, do you hear that noise?

It seems we are not entirely alone. Can you hear them? We are not alone. The wind started to be stronger, and also the sweet smell. There is something white, can you see it? Right there near the tree… Looks like a human. Shh, keep quiet.

Yes, we see good there are… they look like beautiful women indeed, so beautiful and with such white dresses, they seem like fireflies, they are lighted. They seem so beautiful, and they dance so beautifully. I just feel so drawn to them to go and dance with them. Can you hear them? They sing, so lovely like they are from heaven. If I didn’t know they could be dangerous, I would dance with them.

What are you doing? Stay down. They will see us!

Where do you think you will go? You can’t go to them, can you hear me?

No way, you got enchanted by their song, you can’t go to them to dance with them. That’s too dangerous, don’t go, please. 

Wait! You forget they are evil and can punish you. I took you here not to go to them. 

But even if I beg, he goes away, and they see him, they still dance and sing so lovely.. so nice that I’m so tempted to go to join them. He is near now, and I can’t stop him, they now see him, one is taking his hand, he grabs her and starts to sing like them. He is too enchanted. He is dancing with them. I feel so drowned in them. I try to resist the feeling…

Try to not go, now they seem to be floating, not dancing, and the wind feels so good. It is strange how I know it’s not good to go, but my curiosity is so big to just see them a bit closer. 

Just to have a grasp of them … I can’t resist the feeling I need to see them closer no matter what. So I’m going to them, dance with them to feel their hands in mine to float with them. Oh, they saw me, called me, and knew my name. Here I come to dance with you to discover your mysteries…

Mmm, I feel so tired, I can hear the birds singing it seems it is morning, I’m near a pond and a forest it seems I got asleep here… in the middle of nowhere, I can’t remember too much, I do have a strong headache. It seems I’m alone. Even if I remember well, last night I wasn’t. I think I dreamed about the Rusalii ?! They were so beautiful, danced so lovely, and were like floating and I think I dreamed that they took me with them. We were flying ?! We got into another forest, where I had never been before, full of long trees, and there were many big stones. Then they showed me a cave, we entered inside, they were smiling. They showed me a treasure. I think there were big boxes with all kinds of golden things. There were rubies, sapphires, and all sorts of stones. They smiled and showed me their treasure, there were also some books, they seemed so old, they were skin-covered, but wait there in corners were some skeletons… Those skeletons were wearing some jewelry. The rest of the dream I can’t remember. But wait, what I have on my neck, this is not my necklace… so I wasn’t dreaming… 



The clay man-Golem- between tradition and fiction

Today, I shall take you on a trip in time. We will follow the tradition and religious field. I’m not too much into religion as you know, but I do like rituals and discovering more about them.

So, today we will travel and discover more about the Judaic religion. I shall tell you about a Judaic tradition. According to tradition, if you are in trouble and you are of Judaic religion .. well then you are in luck. The tradition says you can invoke a clay creature to come and save you from your foe. You may ask, how come? What kind of creature is, does that exist? Well, until recently I never heard about it, but it seems that this creature has a long history. Long enough that the first time when mentioned is in the book of books, and that is the Bible. Where we humans, were seen by God as raw, unfinished creatures of clay. 

We are supposed to be made out of clay considering religions ..even if science has an opposite view about this, saying that more likely we are made out of blood and flesh ( I tend to believe the seconds as hmm I never bleed clay, but who knows:) ) 

Let’s get back to the story, so this creature that you can invoke when you are in big trouble and you need protection is a Golem. Golem in Hebrew means dumb, brainless. Getting back to the Bible, it seems that the two words were characteristic of Adam, the first man. I hope that they were wrong… 

In Talmud, the book of books, of Jewish there are also mentioned other guys, that are made of clay and can’t speak for themselves or so I heard.

What is supposed to be a Golem? It seems a golem is a clay creature, that was created by someone to protect him or to protect loved ones. Now you will wonder how can we create a Golem? Well, the tradition says first you should know some words in Hebrew as you will need to use them in your spell or prey, however you want to call it. 

Here in this link, you can see a picture:

A man that brought to life a Golem was the rabbi of Prague, Judah Loew ben Bezalel ( I hope I spelled right his name, he might send a Golem after me if I upset him even if he is from a long time passed on the other world). He brought to life the Golem to protect his community. As in those times, the Jews were persecuted. He brought it to life by sticking in his clay figurine the ” truth” word written in Hebrew. The Golem protected them for a time until one day, Judah Loew ben Bezalel forgot to indicate his Golem. So the golem started to attack everyone. The story goes, that to stop him from killing, another word had to be put in his mouth, the word “death” in Hebrew. 

What remained from this Golem was stored in the old Synagogue from Prague, in the attic. Those that are curious can go to look for it and see if the legend has some truth in it.

But have in mind that a few hundred years went by since then and two wars, so most likely the Golem, if he was there, probably was moved or vanished with time( clay can do that at times).

The legends about Golems are not just Prague. It seems another Golem was about to be born in Vilna, Lithuania, in the 18 century, when the rabbi Chaim Volozhin tried when he was a boy to bring one to live but he received a sign from heaven to stop, and so he did.

So we have at least two legends, at least so far those that I found. While we have this trip, maybe we will encounter other people that know more about these legends. Or you who have joined me, perhaps you know more. If you do, let me know 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this short trip and that you will want to follow me on other trips too.